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Creatures of Leisure Proto 1.4 Eco Black-Out Tail Pad

Creatures unprecedented design, — the ‘Proto 1.4™ ’ is setting a new standard in traction manufacturing.

Traditional tail pads create 67% EVA foam waste. to put that into perspective, around 13 - 25 million are sold per year, whereas Creatures of Leisure PROTO 1.4™  reduces waste to only 5%

Besides being a more sustainable option for your stick, what makes this traction pad better than the others? Rather than cutting from EVA foam blocks, every element is made using moulded technology for a sophisticated finish.  

EcoPure organic additive is additionally added to the EVA formula for biodegradation. 

In conclusion, more grip, less waste, rock n roll!


  • EcoPure® Organic Additive - Biodegradable FOAM
  • MULTI-LOC™  - Multi directional design for a better grip
  • 38mm Recoil Kick - for effective contact and response  
  • 7mm Teardrop Arch Bar
  • 3 Piece Pad
  • L - 340mm (13 1/3") x W - 310mm (12 1/4")