For the individual wanting to acquire the skills for surfboard shaping with no previous experience, The Surfboard Studio offers two specialty, 1-on-1 shaping courses on how to design and shape a surfboard. You will learn from our experienced, professional instructors how to shape a surfboard. We provide detailed instruction of shaping principles and processes covering everything from familiarisation with the shaping bay itself, to tool selection and use, the benefits of hand shaping over CNC, plug installation, rough shaping, rail design, fine-tuning, and finish-sanding. Courses run Monday to Friday, at our Preston or Torquay Studio’s. You will need to purchase a blank, or provide your own.

Please note that this course is shaping only. If you want the full experience of shaping and glassing, you'll need to book into either our Make Your Own Surfboard course which can be done Privately or in a Group




Rousa teaching a 1 on 1 surfboard shaping course
Rousa teaching how to sketch out your template for your surfboard



Hand Shape

This course teaches how to hand shape a surfboard from scratch - the old way. Starting with an electric planer, you will cut your own rocker line, hand-foil your rails and bottom curve. Choose from over 100 in-house templates with a broad selection of shapes.



Skinned Blank

This course teaches how to hand shape a surfboard from a skinned blank - the new way. Starting with a skinned blank, which removes the outer layer and adds the rocker, you move straight to template assignment. The course specialises in how to hand-foil your rails and bottom curve. Choose from over 100 in-house templates with a broad selection of shapes.






Hand Shape
+ blank / per person
Skinned Blank
+ blank / per person

*This fee does not include the price of a foam blank. A foam blank must be purchased on the day of the session or provide your own.




Please complete the booking request form below. Select the preferred date and location of your first session and provide as much information as you can. We will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss your booking. Once a booking is accepted we require full payment.

Booking confirmation is subject to teacher availability.





In the course you are supervised through each stage of construction by an expert while you build a surfboard from start to finish and you come out with your own board, finished and ready to surf.


Zak Koniaras (Zak Surfboards)
Alan 'Rousa' Rowsell (Rousa Surfboards)
Michael Anthony (Mad)
Isaak Jagoe (IJ Shapes)






For those of you who want to travel in to Melbourne to do this course from further afield, we can recommend some local accommodation choices for you.  One of the closest hotels with a range of different price options is Bell City, which is a five minute drive away.




Please note: For all inquiries about running one of these courses for your group please email us at info@thesurfboardstudio.com.au

* Due to limited spaces and high demand, all bookings are final and cannot be refunded. Changes to dates of bookings will be considered only at our discretion, and will attract a $250.00 administration fee for re-booking courses. If you wish to discuss this, you must email info@thesurfboardstudio.com.au with “Change of Booking” in the subject line at least 30 days before your course is due to commence.


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