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The Surfboard Studio - Wax Scraper & Replacement Blades. Will do up to 20 boards + without fuss. Trust The Surfboard Studio, they have been taking wax of surfboards for over 30+ years.

World Best Wax Scraper

The Surfboard Studio's wax scraper efficiently removes wax from surfboards.  The Wax Scraper handle is designed for ease of operation and allows for quick replacement of blades. The replacement blades are double sided and can remove the old wax on up to 10 surfboards.


  • 1 x Scraper 
  • 10 x Double Sided Replacement Blades

Australian Made. Australian Tested.


  • Prepare the Scraper: Add or replace the blade in the scraper to ensure it is sharp and ready for use.
  • Position the Surfboard: Place the surfboard on a level surface to ensure stability during the wax removal process.
  • Scrape Off the Old Wax: Starting at the top of the surfboard and moving towards the tail, use the scraper to lift off and remove the old wax from the surface.
  • Dispose of Wax: The safest way is to dispose of it in the regular rubbish. Avoid flushing it down drains, as it can cause blockages and environmental harm.