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True Ames Tyler Warren Bar of Soap - Hexcore

Set of 2 fins with an 80/20 Foil - The Tyler Warren Bar of Soap fin is designed for the small Twin fin "bar or soap board" or mini-simmons designs.

These boards typically come in sizes 4'11" to 5'3" and are super wide and compact...Much of Tyler’s inspiration in designing the “Bar of Soap” came from his experience riding two of Richard Kenvin’s Hydrodynamica Project boards: The White Pony and Casper. Both of these boards were inspired by the hydrodynamic planing hull surfboards created by Bob Simmons 60 years ago..

These fins feature an 80/20 foil.

HEIGHT: 4.60" / 117mm
BASE: 9.87" / 250mm
AREA: 32.48"/ 209.6 cm2