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When constructing surfboards, the choice of fibreglass cloth for the deck depends on the desired balance between strength and performance:

  1. 4 oz Fiberglass Cloth:

    • Use: Commonly used on the bottom of the board or as an additional layer on the deck.
    • Benefits: It offers a lighter weight, making the board more agile and responsive. This is ideal for high-performance surfboards or shortboards where manoeuvrability is crucial.
    • Application: Often used in double layers on the deck to provide enough strength without compromising on weight.
  2. 6 oz Fiberglass Cloth:

    • Use: Frequently used on the deck of the surfboard.
    • Benefits: Provides greater durability and strength, which helps withstand the pressures and impacts from the rider's feet. This is especially important for longboards or boards used in rough conditions.
    • Application: Typically, a single layer of 6 oz cloth on the deck is sufficient to add significant robustness, though it does add more weight compared to the 4 oz cloth.

In summary, the 6 oz cloth is preferred for the deck due to its enhanced durability, while the 4 oz cloth is chosen for its lightweight properties, often used in combination to achieve a balance of strength and performance.

•  4oz - 685mm x 1 Metre
•  6oz - 762mm x 1 Metre