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The Surfboard Studio holds well over 200 surfboard templates which have been donated over a number of years by some of the best shapers in Australia. We have a wide selection of templates ranging from 1970’s single fins to the humble beak nose fishes in the 1980’s and running into the high performance shortboards from the 1990s up to the present.

We are always building new templates to offer our students in our shaping courses and have an amazing range of the modern shortboard, hybrid, fishes, minimals and mals. From nose riders and logs to high performance longboards.

From this incredible collection, we have carefully selected a range of templates for online customers offering an amazing range of curves. If you cannot see exactly what you are after, please feel free to book a time to come into The Surfboard Studio to take a closer look at all the templates available and hand pick a range that suits you.

We believe $10 is a tiny price to pay for just how much work and testing has gone into building and innovating surfboard curves – something that would take years if you were starting from scratch.

All Templates are made from a 250gsm thick cardboard paper which can be used as the template, you will not need to make another template off the one we offer the cardboard we use is used in the dress making industry and is built to last.

NOTE: Please do not ask if we have certain models of surfboards by particular brands because while we are happy to sell the templates we have we do not wish to sell another brands template.