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Futures Rasta Twin +1 - Jute / Carbon / Purple

This Rasta Twin has bees specially developed for Dave Rastovich’s classic, flowing style. Relatively similar in Area to the popular T1 twin template, this Rasta Twin has a specially designed leading edge on the side fins that makes transitions from rail to rail ultra smooth. This smoother transition give you greater control of release off the top and allows you to hold speed better through turns – allowing you to link maneuvers & carry speed from start to finish of your ride. Panels of carbon fiber and jute have been added to the traditional honeycomb construction, adding extra strength and a more responsive flex pattern. Perfect for retro or modern twin fin shapes and also a great fin set to add a little extra spice in smaller waves to more conventional shortboards.

Side Fins
Area: 19.76″, Height: 5.14″, Base: 4.6″ , Foil: V2

Center Fin
Area: 7.91", Height: 3.26", Base: 3.18", Foil: Symm