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FCS T-3W Eco Wide Traction Tail Pad

FCS T3W Traction for all the stylish airs and tail throws, while the super grooves keep your foot locked in so you can push hard for maximum speed and drive. Wide ​3 piece traction, designed to suit performance boards with wider tails.

Made from sugarcane-based bio-foam, the popular FCS T-3 Wide traction pad has been reconstructed for sustainability with the same trusted performance you expect from the essential 3-piece grip.


  • Made with sugarcane bio-foam
  • Wide 3 piece pad
  • Double diamond groove & double square groove
  • Coffin arch bar
  • High tail kick
  • Sanded surfaces for enhanced grip
  • Ultra thin sensitivity
  • Perforated for extra resistance
  • Width at top: 350mm
  • Width at bottom: 240mm