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FCS Surf Wax Tropical
Water Temps 22 degrees plus

Specifically formulated for the ultimate quality bumps, with just the right amount of stick. So you can have the best connection to your board
It comes in cold, cool, warm, tropical and a base coat
In a rounded, lipped bar shape giving you plenty of edge to create a perfect wax job every time

100% Recycled Packaging⁣⁣, All Natural Ingredients⁣⁣, Coconut Scented⁣⁣, Quality Beads⁣⁣, Made In The U.S.A⁣⁣

The texture of the top coat variants is somewhat stickier than Sex Wax but not as sticky as the ultra sticky Fu Wax.  Beads up beautifully, holds its shape & grip for long sessions.