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FCS II MR PC X-Large Tri Fin Set (Twin + trailer)

These Mark Richard’s template Twin/Tri sets (Twin with an optional small stabilizer fin) are a great match for Twin fin/retro shapes or to give your wider tailed contemporary  board a bit of extra spice in small waves.  Enjoy the speed and looseness of riding a twin fin with the option of adding the stabilizer for a little extra control.

Base: 5.06" / 128mm
Depth: 5.5​5" / 14​1mm
Area: 21.0​6"² / 135​90mm²
Sweep: 3​2.1º
Foil: Flat

Base: 3.​31" / ​84mm
Depth: 3.34" / ​85mm
Area: ​8.23"² / ​5307mm²
Sweep: ​29.1º
Foil: Flat