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FCS II AM PC Twin+1 XLarge Fins

An X-Large  pair of twin fins with the added option of a stabilizer - created with fast controlled turns in mind

Channel Islands founder Al Merrick designed this signature Twin Fin set which consists of  an X-Large pair of twin fins with the added option of a stabilizer.  Created with fast controlled turns in mind, this broad & upright twin fin template gives you blinding speed and quick pivoty direction changes - perfect for slicing up a storm in small to medium waves.  A small stabilizing trailer has been added to this set for a of touch of extra control for those of us that are heavier footed.

These fins are a great choice for many of the more specialized small wave & retro crafts that we currently have on our racks or to add a little extra spice to one of your broader tailed boards.


Base: 5.0​7" / 12​9mm
Depth: 5.​61" / 14​2mm
Area: 2​0.​37"² / 13​140mm²
Sweep: 3​2.1º
Foil: Flat

Base: 3.​​94" / ​​100mm
Depth: 3.​69" / ​​94mm
Area: ​​9.46"² / ​​6100mm²
Sweep: ​​39.​2º
Foil: 50/50