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Captain Fin Co. CF Series 5-Fin Single Tab Black

The CF Series 5-Fin was designed for reliable performance in a variety of conditions and is a favorite amongst the Captain Fin team. The side fins have a wide base that narrows out at the top of the template. This provides drive and speed while the slightly more narrow tip makes it more responsive. The rake allows for drawn out turns and the slightly smaller center fin gives you that release off the top. The 5-Fin pack comes with an appropriate sized set of Quad rears so you've got plenty of options. If you can only have one set of fins, these are a great choice!

Template: Balanced‚ Ideal for surfers who want drive but a touch more release.

Construction: Honeycomb Construction

Flex: Medium

Compatibility: Futures (Single Tab)

Medium Specs:

Side Fins - Area 15.48", Height 4.55" Base 4.5" Foil Flat

Center Fin - Area 13.82", Height 4.35" Base 4.3" Foil 50/50

Quad Rears -  Area: 10.94" Height 3.75" Base: 3.78  Foil: 70/30

Large Specs:

Side Fins - Area 16.73", Height 4.75" Base 4.62" Foil Flat

Center Fin - Area 14.39", Height 4.4" Base 4.3" Foil 50/50

Quad Rears -  Area: 12.56" Height 4" Base: 1.05  Foil: 70/30