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Slater Designs Five Piece Flat Grip

Diamond peg shaped grip bumps, scoop shaped kick & a Medium Arch

The Slater Designs tail pads are a pretty interesting development in the sustainable surfing equipment world – the foam that these tail pads are constructed out of is made out of a derivative of Algae. Furthermore, the Algae that is used to make this foam has been sourced from waterways that have, or are at risk of algal blooms. The look, feel and texture of these pads to me, seems like any other on the market and they are comparably priced. Seems like a pretty epic development in the reduction of impact that the manufacture of our surfing equipment has on the environment, hopefully there is a bunch of other innovations like this to come down the track.

12.65” Wide x 13.5” High

5 Piece pad

Diamond peg shaped grip bumps

Moderate Center Arch with Channels cut in it to provide a stronger hold

3M adhesive backing