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Futures JJF Medium Thruster Alpha Series Carbon / Green

Designed specifically to compliment John's full throttle approach - a responsive fin, that will perform in a variety of conditions and boards - from mushy beach break knee slappers to macking teepees on the North shore. Now available in the Alpha construction.

The John John Florence Alpha fin is a medium sized Balanced fin with a Ride Number of 5.5. It is the same template that JJF rode to the WSL World Championship in 2016 and that has been a global best seller since the initial release. The C6 material and flat foil make this fin predictable, yet more lively in softer surf when compared to the Techflex version. All Alpha products are designed and manufactured exclusively in Huntington Beach, Ca USA.

Side fins: height: 4.56", base: 4.45", area: 14.98"
center fin: height: 4.56", base: 4.45", area: 14.98"