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Futures Twiggy Gun Fiberglass 5-Fin Set - Navy

The Twiggy Gun Thruster was developed over several years of research and development with Grant "Twiggy" Baker. The resulting fin set is a large thruster setup with a slightly bigger center fin than the sides. This size difference combined with the unique fin template and specially tunes foil enables the rider to have incredible control of their board at high speeds. These fins give you excellent grip of the wave face without feeling too sticky on rail which makes them fantastic for steep drops in heavy conditions. The quad option is an alternative for barreling and down the line waves. Both sets feature high speed foils and solid fiberglass construction enabling surfers to have better control over their board while achieving peak speeds.

Size: Large

Side fins:
Height: 4.72″
Base: 4.79″
Area: 16.00″

Center fin:
Height: 4.87″
Base: 4.94″
Area: 17.00″

Quad Rears:
Height: 3.9"
Base: 3.7"
Area: 10.7"