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Futures Generation V2 F6 5-fin set Generation 5-Fin

The very popular medium template fin in Generation construction with matching Quad Trailers

The Futures Fins F6 Generation Tri-Quad is a medium size template made with strong and speedy Generation construction. Give yourself the option of a super fast thruster or a zippy quad set-up with this classic template. Sitting one notch below the Blackstix on the Ride Number scale, all Generation Series fins hold Ride Numbers between 9 to 7, for those of you looking for a bit more stability and drive than Blackstix.

To control tip flex dynamics, Futures has uniquely oriented multiple layers of uni-directional fiberglass. The uni-fiberglass has more spring then normal bi-directional glass and it is woven with strands of poly-fibers that create more strength and control in the fin tip. In addition uni-directional carbon strips have been placed vertically across the front half of each fin. Acting as spines, this secures the leading edge and forces the tip to flex across less area and becoming much "snappier". Additional strength in the right places allow the Generation Series to remain lightweight and strong.

To add one more layer of performance to the Generation Series, Futures uses epoxy resin. Epoxy resin is lighter and more resilient than polyester resin. These features all play a role in making the Generation Series a responsive, speed-generating fin, while retaining an element of control. Bi-directional 12K carbon panels cover the base on the inside and outside of the fin. This solid base creates drive and leave the tip free to remain resilient. The combination is lightweight ad stable, giving you both speed and power.

    Size: Medium

    Fins in set: 5
    Material: Generation Tech Specs

    Thruster Set

    Height: 4.38 in, 11.10 cm
    Base: 4.22 in, 10.70 cm
    Area: 14.22 sq in, 91.74 sq cm

    Quad Rears

    Area 10.73, Height 3.76, Base 3.71, Foil 80/20