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Futures F8 Quad Set - Alpha Series

Constructed out of a unique molded carbon fiber, these Alpha fins are a true performance fin in an incredibly lightweight & resilient construction. The first of their kind, created using materials and new technologies developed by Futures.

This template is a real no brainer if you are unsure about which fin will suit your new board. A well balanced shape that is not too upright, not too raked & not too big in the base or tip either. The Alpha construction & foil of the fin also means these fins has a nice medium flex pattern – which equals a good balance of drive and release.

This might all sound a bit vanilla to you, but the combination & balance of all these factors means that this is one predictable, reliable fin that will work. A great go to set for small to medium sized surfers, a fin that will get the job done in a variety of conditions & in a variety of different boards.

Lighter than traditional Honeycomb construction and infused with the resiliency of carbon fiber, these are the most advanced injection molded fin on the market. Carbon fiber has a higher strength to weight ratio than fiberglass. By replacing fiberglass with carbon fiber, these Futures Alpha Fins are significantly lighter & stronger than your standard fiberglass or plastic injection fins.

The new Carbon Fiber material also allowed Futures to go back to the drawing board and restructure and modify the fins flex pattern. Material has been removed from the from tip for more spring and added it to the base for more drive – really giving these fins a unique feel underfoot. To further increase their performance, a 3D flow texture has been added to the Alpha series, decreasing drag & minimizing the possibility of fin hum at high speeds.


Side fins
Height 4.64"
Base 4.47"
Area 15.90"
Foil Flat

Quad Trailers:
Height: 4.15"
Base: 4.16"
Area: 12.6"
Foil: symmetrical