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FCS II PC Tri Accelerator

This fast, drivey fin is very complimentary to the wally, long waves that we have in Victoria. These are also a great choice for boards with more tail rocker, or to get a bit more speed & drive out of you everyday shortboard.  Generally speaking  for drive, projection & speed down the line many people opt for a more raked fin template.  This extra rake in a finäó»s shape does make your turning circle larger & more drawn out. The FCS II Accelerator template gives you the speed and projection of a raked back fin while still allowing for a tight turning circle when you put your board on rail.

The key to this extra drive, projection & speed down the line in the FCSII Accelerator is the placement of the fin relative to the finbox.  The FCS II Accelerator fin template sits a little further back towards the tail than many of the other fin templates äóñ this further back position = speed & drive (although this can also make a board a bit stiffer & harder to turn).  The less raked/more upright shape of the Accelerator means that itäó»s turning circle is still quite tight.  In effect, you get the best of both worlds äóñ extra speed & drive with a tight turning circle.

A touch on the bigger side overall this fin is also a great choice in bigger surf on your day to day shortboard.

äó¢ Oversized, all-round fin for a diverse range of surfers.
äó¢ Functional template with flat foil on the side fins delivering fast, controlled directional changes. 
äó¢ Designed for surfers who like to attack the wave and surf with energy and power on critical parts of the wave.


Grom Medium
Base: 3.95" / 100.3mm
Depth: 4.13" / 105mm
Area: 12.38"Œ_ / 7985mmŒ_
Sweep: 33.7Œ_
Foil: Flat
Base: 4.39" / 111mm
Depth: 4.58" / 116mm
Area: 15.28"Œ_ / 9860mmŒ_
Sweep: 33.7Œ_
Foil: Flat 



Brand FCS