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Australian Made Fin Box 5'' Black Australian Made Fin Box 5'' Black
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SURFBOARD STUDIO Fin Box 5" Australian Made. Available Black and White

Surfboard Studio Australia is Proud to say all our fin boxes and plugs are AUSTRALIAN MADE. Our boxes have been getting made for over 30 years and have been installed into thousands of surfcraft over that time. One very important understanding when buying plastic fin boxes from asia and overseas is that the plastic they use does not stick to polyester, vinylester and even some epoxy. Thats why Aussie board repairers love and hate the asian board market because of the plugs and fin boxes which are made of a cheap plastic which never bonds to resin. even if you soak the box in acetone first.

If your a board maker for the first time or industry stick to Aussie Made gear, we have been putting them into Aussie boards for years and they work. If you find cheaper boxes online  always ask where there made first.


Brand The Surfboard Studio